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Road Trip 2007 Flashback #2

April 1, 2009

I’m continuing a few posts about my “moving road trip” to Seattle over Labor Day Weekend 2007.  The first one is here, and as always, I’m progressing a little more slowly than I thought. 

(I had been really wanting to bookmark these pictures for myself, so I decided to do this now – right as my brother’s moving to Seattle.  He actually arrived last Thursday, so of course that’s been keeping me busy!)

Leaving South Dakota / entering Wyoming

(Where the scenery got REALLY good)

img_0388One more from Badlands National Park

img_0413Mount Rushmore looks way smaller in person…

mtrushmore_close…because most pictures you see are close up like this one.

deadwoodSDDeadwood, South Dakota (you know, like Vegas, only…a cute town in South Dakota.  This picture pretty much shows it to you.  Kevin Costner made $20 off of us, thanks to each of us losing $10 at his casino.)

WYskyWyoming.  This photo is not photoshopped….and it was taken through the WINDSHIELD! 

Impossible not to be happy driving through this scenery.  It kind of makes you want to blast music and sing…which we definitely did!


Road Trip 2007 Flashback #1

March 26, 2009

So this week I decided I was going to take the opportunity to recap some memories from my cross-country road trip to Seattle, because my brother is currently making the same trip. 

But before I even had time to do another post, I found out that he is arriving tonight!?  Apparently our approaches differ when it comes to the cross-country road trip. 

My brother and uncle seem to be taking the very male “power through it” approach – they left yesterday early afternoon and drove in shifts through the night.  I’m sure they’re also calculating their gas mileage and discussing whether they’re making good time along the way.  And eating beef jerky…or something. 

My road trip with my mom, on the other hand, included things like books on tape, “the license plate game”, leisurely dinners, and every national park and tourist attraction within even remote distance of I-90 on the way out here…and lots of Diet Coke.  (And I would have taken another week if I could have!) 

Verbatim text exchange with my mom today:
   Bob and Jack are 100 miles west of billings mt.
Me:   they have gone a long way!!!
Mom: Yes they’re serious about arriving for the beer festival 🙂

(There is a beer festival at the Seattle Center on Saturday.  I vaguely remembered hearing about it, but my brother and uncle found it on their own, and they are pumped.)

On that note – I give you the touristy kitsch of central South Dakota: 


Mitchell Corn Palace (South Dakota) – It’s more like a gymnasium covered in corn husks.  You cannot make this stuff up.


Yes, that sign says population three hundred and ninety.


A tiny roadside “strip mall”


Wall Drug.  I don’t think I can even accurately explain this place…not so much a drugstore but a cheesy, touristy empire.

After we passed through the touristy stuff, we started getting into the true west and the mountains.  I’ll post more of that pretty soon, though probably after my brother arrives….

but here’s a preview with another picture from Badlands National Park (that’s my mom in the middle):