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Whistler Lodging Update!

February 7, 2009

There was a moment yesterday when I thought for sure that the Whistler trip was dead. 

As of yesterday morning, there was still no lodging booked.  I had heard some rumors that the hotels are sold out, prices have skyrocketed, it’s too late…(even though the entire ski industry seems to be pretty slow this year, judging from the number of last-minute email offers I’m getting). 

But, as things do, it all worked itself out yesterday afternoon.  I randomly tried the phone number to one more rental, thinking it might be our last hope, and it ended up working out pretty perfectly.  I have to scan/email some paperwork tomorrow, but once that is done, we’re set to stay here:



We’re renting a townhouse in the Montebello development of Whistler that houses 8 people.  We got a great deal compared to usual Presidents’ Weekend rates (it works out to just over $80/night/person after deposit), and the place is in a great location close to the main Whistler Village and walkable to ski lifts.  I found this place listed on Vacation Rentals By Owner, which linked to the owner’s separate travel website.
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We leave on Friday, February 13th (yes, that is in one week!), ski Saturday and Sunday, and drive back to Seattle on Monday. 

(For the record, I don’t recommend waiting this long to book a ski place for a holiday weekend.  I’m pretty sure this is the last rental in a good location to be found there, so luck was on our side.)

Bring on the snow and the hot tub!  I can’t wait.


Upcoming Travel: Ski Trip in Whistler, BC

January 26, 2009

January ’09 is the first month I can remember in a long time that I’m not traveling anywhere (excluding day trips, like the one I took this past Saturday down to Crystal Mountain). 

I called it last week when I said that my wanderlust tendencies were about to kick in.  I’ve been finding myself looking forward to some upcoming weekend trips that I’m planning for February.

First up is a ski trip to Whistler, British Columbia over Presidents’ Weekend (my fourth time since moving to Seattle), and I cannot wait.  I’m serious when I say that the drive to Whistler along the Sea-to-Sky Highway is worth the trip all by itself.

seatoskyhighwayView looking out at the Strait of Georgia along the Sea-to-Sky Highway, taken on my trip in December ’07

This trip will be particularly fun for me because it’s with a bigger group – there are 8 of us going, and we’re planning to rent some sort of house or townhouse (still in the works, and will likely be from Vacation Rentals By Owner).  Besides the skiing of course, I’m looking forward to fireplaces, drinks, and hot tubs!  The best way to end a really tiring day.

I’m sure there will be more updates to come later, but I’m in one of those planning moods and spent a good 45 minutes today looking at rentals!

Day Trip: Skiing at Crystal Mountain

January 26, 2009

After two scheduled ski days falling through in the last few weeks, I crossed my fingers that I would actually make it onto a mountain this weekend.  (Part of the grand plan for my 2-year stint in Seattle is to become a “good skier” – which does require actual skiing!) 


Thankfully, everything went as planned!  Above is a view of the bottom of some of the trails at Crystal Mountain, about an hour and a half south of Seattle and very close to Mt. Rainier. 


I drove down with two friends from work.  We arrived around 10:30, parked and took the “shuttle” (more specifically, the flatbed truck with benches built on the back) over the unpaved parking lots to the lodge.  It was possibly the bumpiest ride I’ve ever taken in a moving vehicle. 

View from the truck shuttle:


The skiing was well worth it!  Crystal is the largest ski area in Washington State, as the website is quick to point out.  The runs were nice and long (more like big resorts, less like the local spots outside of Seattle), the skies were blue and sunny for part of the day (a rare occurrence), and I even decently navigated a wrong turn down a steep, mogul-y run that I should NOT have been on in the first place. 

We were laughing at this picture of our skis next to each other on the rack:


If you know me, you can probably tell which skis are mine.  I’m practically the shortest adult I know here in Seattle – it truly seems like people are taller here than in other places I’ve lived.

It was a great day trip.  I definitely plan to go back – and soon.  Next time, I’ll head to the peak, take in the Mt. Rainier views, and ski all the way down.  The  others in my group didn’t want to take on the runs at the top of the mountain yesterday…and I decided against tackling them alone.

Skiing at Crystal also means I checked off another item from my “Seattle List”  – the evolving “to do and see” list I made when I moved.  It includes skiing at all of the major ski areas around here – Whistler, Snoqualmie, Alpental, Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass, Mt. Baker, etc. 

The List should definitely be a subject for another post, whenever I’m able to find the time!