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Half Marathon Countdown

June 23, 2009

I’m in absolute shock that the half marathon I’m running is only 4 days away!  The training has been quite a time commitment, but it’s flown. 

(Side note, but there’s a clear inverse relationship between miles run and blog posts written.  I’ve barely even touched this thing since I started training at the end of February. )

Rather than dwell on the runs when I thought about calling a cab to pick me up and take me home (I had at least one of those for sure), I’m going to reminisce about my favorite moments of training.  Negativity will do me no good at this stage!

1.  8-mile run in Maui:   Most of my friends who went on this little spring break trip are also training for the half marathon, so we planned our required 8-mile run into the trip.  It was HOT (high 80s) but we picked a road that ran along the beach for part of the time, so it was beautiful.  Everyone took off at a slightly different time, and I was the last to leave – so I got to see everyone on their way back.  Sharing a bit of motivation along the way made a huge difference.


Stopping to take a picture at about mile 5

2.  Training Run in San Francisco:  Over Memorial Day weekend, I ran from our hotel near Union Square, down to the Embarcadero, up to Fisherman’s Wharf and back. 


I confess…this was taken on a different SF trip in 2005!  My run wasn’t as sunny, and I didn’t take any good pictures.

3.  12-mile training run here in Seattle:  I’m particularly proud of this one because it was the epitome of work hard/play hard.  I dragged myself out of bed at about 8 AM, finished running 12 miles (the longest run of the entire training program, besides the half marathon itself) at better than my goal pace, felt good, and about 30 minutes after finishing I was on the way to go hang out in a suite at the Mariners game with friends.  I drank and ate for the rest of the day (and night…until closing time…13 hours!) and felt completely guilt-free knowing I had burned a ridiculous amount of calories that morning. 

Uploads 3-4-09 078

Hanging in there…at about midnight, more than 12 hours after finishing the run!  (Why do I always make this face in pictures when I’m out?  Someone save me from myself, please.)

4.  Fremont 5k – This race was on a Friday night, and a few of us decided to run it as practice for the half marathon.  I did better than I ever expected, finishing at just over 25 minutes, but I also learned how easy it is to burn out at the beginning of a race by starting too fast.  I could never maintain that pace any longer than a 5k. 


Jack ran the 5k, too!  We tried to look badass before the race…something I’m incapable of doing.  He accidentally took one of my socks and one of his that day, so ran the entire race with a girl’s sock on one foot.  Maybe that’s why I beat him.  🙂

On that note – I just got back from a Cincinnati work trip, so while I’m still on Eastern time, I’m going to try to go to bed early and get up really early for the rest of the week.  Hoping that will help me prepare for the ridiculously painful wake-up call on Saturday (shuttles start running to the starting line at 4:30 AM!) 

One more note – I turn 28 three months from today.  That sounds so weird to me.



April 21, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned once before that I’m training for my first half marathon.  (I say “first” as if I’m certain there will be a second!  We’ll see about that.)


How it all started:

Two guys in my office are serious marathoners (as in, one ran the Boston Marathon yesterday in 2 hours 55 minutes – which isn’t even his best time of 2 hours 38 MINUTES – and the other did a 50-mile “training run” this past weekend).  They decided to start up a comprehensive half marathon training program for our team for the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marthon (including shoe fitting/discounts, nutrition seminars, and our running plan).  Out of 40 people in our office, there are over twenty signed up to run.  I think a participation rate of over 50% is pretty unbelievable! 

Of course I signed up – you know I hate missing out on anything.  I have two goals with this race: 

  1. Finish the half marathon, running (as in not walking)
  2. Learn to like running as a result of all of this training




How it’s going: 


So here’s the thing:  I’ve never hated running…but I’ve never really liked it, either.  It’s always felt like a chore to me – something to do to stay in (or get into) shape, or to train for dance or sports that I played.  I’ve rarely run just for the sake of running. 


Hence, goal number two:  I’d love to at least like it when this race is over.  To put on my two shoes and turn on my ipod and just…go.  To not be tied down to gyms all the time.  To run in the rain.  To run in the sun.  To run when I travel as a way to see new and unfamiliar places.  (Running 8 miles in Maui last weekend allowed me to see the island in a different way.  And if I’m able to swing a trip to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend as I’m hoping, I’ll need to run 11 miles there – and I’m sure there are some great routes.) 


Now, after two months of training, I think I can finally say that I’m on my way to goal number two.  It’s not that I love every second of every run (I don’t).  But I had to take the past week off from running due to being annoyingly sick (it’s been that bad), and I’m finding that I actually miss it!  I think that’s a good sign.  (You can see all of the missing scratch-offs on my training plan above.) 


I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track and running after work tonight.  (And now I need to come back and reread this post when I’m feeling lazy…)