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Orange inspiration

April 26, 2009

I have color on the brain today, and I’m still anxiously awaiting my orange CB2 script lamp.  I was playing around with my travel photos and made a collage of the accent color I’m obsessing over for my second bedroom:  A perfect bright blood-orange.  




There’s my future script lamp right in the middle, surrounded by some of my photos from all over.

(clockwise from top left):  Me in Portland.  A Canadian post box outside of Vancouver.  The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Driving across the Golden Gate in San Francisco.  Flowers in Maui.  Sunset at Lumahai Beach on Kauai.  Parsons in NYC.  Whistler in the Summer. 



Script Lamp!

April 17, 2009

OK, so today I put the cart a bit before the horse and ordered the Script Desk Lamp in orange from CB2.


I’ve loved this lamp for awhile.  I’m obsessed with orange as an accent, especially a nice deep blood-orange, and this has such a clean, modern design. 

And it’s on sale (which I found out from the mention on This Young House today – thanks guys!), so I decided to just go ahead and order it. 

It fits with the bright accents I want to use in my second bedroom/office, so even though I’m not that far along yet with the room, I’m pretty sure I’m going to really like it in there!  (And if I don’t, I’ve got some orange accents in my living room too, so I’ll have options.)

I’ve also mentioned this lamp before in my post about the Obama girls, their coats and Nick Olsen’s ideas for their bedrooms. 

(Speaking of which, I have not seen/read/heard any updates on the White House decorating/Michael S. Smith front, but I’m definitely interested if the info is out there!  I’ll keep my eyes peeled.  I guess Bo is getting all of the attention for now in the Obama Family White House non-government news.)

Office “Before”

April 1, 2009

Just re-posting the images I sent to Decorno of my second bedroom / office.  I want to have them posted here so they don’t get lost. 

Nothing’s changed yet (except for ideas in my head, of course). 

1) Photoshop layout I created awhile ago of the random mix of stuff in my office today.  This is to scale, so it will come in handy as I’m playing with potential new purchases, layouts, etc.  Each piece of furniture is a layer, so I can delete and move them pretty easily:


2) A few current photos of the room, “decluttered” (for me) .  Not necessarily pretty, but this is my starting place!


And, “current” isn’t really accurate anymore.  My brother will be crashing with me for awhile as he gets settled, so he’s got all of his stuff in the room.  I know, I should have started working on this BEFORE he got here.  Things never seem to work out perfectly like that, do they?  Oh well. 

But it’s OK – I’ll be photoshopping, actual-shopping, and planning for a bit, so I can post about that in the meantime. 

Definitely a lot more to come. 


(View the Decorno post and comments)

Let’s recap what I’ve done so far on my whole office project:

January 28, 2009

Hmm…the answer to that question is Nothing.

But that’s OK.  I’ve come to realize that I am not one to trade off too many other forms of fun to get this done.  I’m 27, work long hours most of the time, and tend to prioritize things like dinner/drinks/movie/skiing/nights out (unless I’m feeling really off on a given day).

Even if I wasn’t doing those things, I’d probably be watching TV, twittering/facebooking, and reading blogs more than working on this room.  I know myself.

Plus, I’ve been going to yoga classes almost every day for the last few weeks – so, I may be a girl with a messy and unfinished office, but at least I’m a happy and more-in-shape-than-a-month-ago girl with a messy and unfinished office. 

All of that being said – I made a list (of course) of the next few tasks ahead so I can get going on this room in my spare time.  Unfortunately, these tasks have more to do with getting rid of the crap than they do making the room pretty, but that is the reality I’m facing.

  1. Go through the pile of papers/mail that’s sitting in the “catch-all milk crate” next to my deskblackhole
  2. Go through the papers/magazines/mail that I stuffed in a shopping bag as a last-ditch effort to clean before my Entourage marathon party a few weeks agobag
  3. Figure out more ways to go paperless so I can stop accumulating papers/magazines/mail
  4. Get rid of almost everything in my freestanding cabinet.  This should be possible, because I don’t open the cabinet EVER other than to get some printer paper.  Clearly it does not house things I need.cabinet
  5. Post the following items on Craigslist (some of which will be free): Old brass lamp, small bookshelf, and the freestanding cabinet mentioned above (if I successfully clear it out).
  6. Part with certain random sentimental items in the room by taking a picture of each one, so I don’t feel guilty when I get rid of it (example: a little cardboard kids-meal box car that my mom got from Ruby’s Diner on my first night in Seattle.  Yes, sometimes I save things like that.)
  7. Fill up at least one or two Goodwill bags
  8. Start working on a plan for the room – what furniture stays and what I want to buy (right now all I have is a vague color pallette and some potential furniture purchases)
  9. Paint the walls the color that I picked out awhile ago as part of my vague color pallette (Valspar Woodlawn Silver Brook, lots of white, brightly-colored accents). 

(Can you tell that I love the Scribble iphone application?  It’s free!)

I’m going to try to paint the walls on February 7th and 8th during the day, so ideally, all of these other items will be done by then.  Am I crazy?  I personally think so, even though not one of these steps is a big deal by itself.

The Office + my office

January 15, 2009

The Office (as in the TV Show) has been my favorite for almost as long as it’s been on air (American version – haven’t seen the BBC version, though I should check it out sometime).  Loving this show requires no explanation, at least not to those who share this love.

My office (as in my condo’s second bedroom that serves multiple functions, but none of them well – least of which is an office, mostly a closet extension for ski gear, shoes, bags, and STUFF)

…usually looks like this:



As you can tell, I need to give it some love, and get rid of / organize a LOT of stuff. 

I didn’t even bother posting a falsely better picture than these, because the room looks like this 90% of the time.  (Most of my condo looks much better….this is my bad spot.) 

Not that these two offices have anything to do with each other.  But The Office airs tonight after 4 weeks off (can’t wait!), so I’m making that my excuse to start remedying the situation shown above.  A few months from now, I’d love to make this a place I can work, read, relax, be organized, and have people stay when they’re in from out of town.  So far, my progress is limited to the purchase of one can of paint that’s still unopened and a few craigslist postings, but I’m really excited to get going, and I’ll post some updates here as I go. 

Random Office-Related Question:  In the absence of a new episode to quote, does anyone else love the fact that John Krasinski is the voiceover of the Blackberry Storm commercials?   I do (Even though I’m partial to my iphone).