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Script Lamp!

April 17, 2009

OK, so today I put the cart a bit before the horse and ordered the Script Desk Lamp in orange from CB2.


I’ve loved this lamp for awhile.  I’m obsessed with orange as an accent, especially a nice deep blood-orange, and this has such a clean, modern design. 

And it’s on sale (which I found out from the mention on This Young House today – thanks guys!), so I decided to just go ahead and order it. 

It fits with the bright accents I want to use in my second bedroom/office, so even though I’m not that far along yet with the room, I’m pretty sure I’m going to really like it in there!  (And if I don’t, I’ve got some orange accents in my living room too, so I’ll have options.)

I’ve also mentioned this lamp before in my post about the Obama girls, their coats and Nick Olsen’s ideas for their bedrooms. 

(Speaking of which, I have not seen/read/heard any updates on the White House decorating/Michael S. Smith front, but I’m definitely interested if the info is out there!  I’ll keep my eyes peeled.  I guess Bo is getting all of the attention for now in the Obama Family White House non-government news.)