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Postcard memory from my dad (1991)

February 11, 2009

Two days ago, I was going through a box in my office closet looking for some old photos (actually, to fill out a “Memories” facebook meme, but that’s not important). 

To get to those boxes in my office closet, I had to take apart my shoe shelves and move them.  Not a good layout, but also not important.

What is important is that in the process of looking for a photo, I found something very special to me – this postcard that my dad sent me when I was 9 years old:



I thought I had lost it during my move to Seattle.  I was thrilled but also a little teary when I saw this poking out from under a pile in the box. 

It’s the single piece of written communication from my dad to me that have in my possession today, and it really helps me remember him.  I love everything about it – the “your” vs. “you’re,” the block handwriting (which I wouldn’t remember if it weren’t for this postcard), the postmark date, the cracks in the paper.   It’s one of my single most special possessions. 

And THAT is why I still carefully go through piles before I get rid of anything.  I can’t bring myself to apply the “if you don’t know what’s in that box, and you haven’t needed to go into it in over a year, then you probably don’t need anything inside that box” rule.  You never know.