San Francisco / Kauai – Photo tease

So I really want to get back to posting, but it’s been difficult with my work (OK, and non-work) schedule – both before and after this most recent trip.  Soon, I want to go back and do some full posts to share photos, info, and links, and answer important questions like:  Why Kauai 6 weeks after Maui?  Do I ever work?  Am I broke?  (Answers:  Once-in-a-lifetime family trip, Yes – too much, and Probably.)

In the meantime, a few pictures!  Way more to come. 

The Mint (in the Castro, San Francisco – Must.  Go.  Here.  Had a blast!):


Indulging my obsession with trying to take cool pictures from the plane (this one was, in fact, pretty cool – sunset over the Pacific on the flight to Kauai):

Uploads 3-4-09 076

Short, sunny hike on the way up to the Waimea Canyon in Kauai (picture is of my sister, Emily):

Uploads 3-4-09 103_color 

Spinner Dolphins (!):

Uploads 3-4-09 230

I could continue posting “favorite pictures” for hours.  There are many. 

Instead, I’m going to head to bed for my 7:30 AM MEETING START TIME – I know!  Inhumane.


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