Filling in the Blanks

In so many ways, things have been crazy since I last posted.

Rather than go into detail, here’s a random roundup of the activities of the last couple of weeks:

  • Lots of work, as always
  • Took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and helped my brother look at condos.  There are some GREAT options.  I think it’s safe to say he’s going to end up with a nicer condo than mine – and a better view.
  • Went to a Mariners game
  • Played a hilarious game of Pictionary at The Bookstore bar at the Alexis hotel after the Mariners game (they have games on the shelves that you can take down)
  • Some amazing weather in Seattle (before I went out of town)
  • Ran 5 times, including 9.5 miles last Saturday (so I’m keeping up pretty well with half marathon training)
  • Learned how tough it is to run 9.5 miles
  • Saw my cousin’s friend play an accoustic show in Ballard on a Wednesday night.  Followed by late night food at 5 Points Cafe.  Followed by a very sleepy morning at work the next day.
  • Traveled to Cincinnati (my home for 4 years prior to Seattle) for a weeklong business trip.  The trip included some great work meetings, dinners and Cinco de Mayo celebrating…among other things.
  • Donated at least 6 more bags to Goodwill.  No matter how much I donate, I still feel like I’m not making much a dent in the amount of stuff filling my condo.
  • Received my script lamp in the mail.  Thought I was missing a part.  Called CB2 customer service.  Instead of sending the part, they sent another complete lamp.  No materials with which to return ship.  Hmmm…
  • Decided on the Ikea Karlstad sleeper sofa for my sleeping/seating option in my second bedroom/office.  Here’s the non-sleeper version shown on Door Sixteen (I LOVE how this looks in her living room).
  • Bought the Karlstad during Ikea Seattle’s tax free day (9.5% off!  But still the biggest purchase I’ve made in a long time).  I went with the lineryd natural fabric.

I’m not sure which task will be more daunting:  Putting together the Karlstad, or completing the 10-mile run that I have on my training schedule this week.  (I honestly think I’d choose the run!)

Here’s to a new week…and 5 days until another weekend!  🙂


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