House Beautiful Book

When I returned from Maui, some great mail was waiting for me.  My House Beautiful book from Decorno’s giveaway had arrived, along with an Easter care package that my mom sent to my brother and me (thanks, Mom…isn’t it fun that you can reach two of us at one address?!). 

Side note, but may I just say that good mail days will NEVER get old?  I still feel sad when I open my box only to find another Valu-Pak envelope full of Bath Fitter, Build-A-Sunroom and carpet cleaning coupons that go straight to the recycling bin.

Anyway, about the book – very cool.  It’s smaller in size than I expected, but that’s actually a good thing – it’ll be easy to take along shopping, and despite its size it still has really great photos on each page. 


My favorite thing about the book is the designer perspective next to every color swatch.   Everyone has a different approach to color – some more scientific, some more emotional.   I love color – both wearing it and decorating with it – so for me it’s just interesting to read the way these designers think about it in their own words.

Thanks again to Decorno for the freebie!


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