Well, I am back in Seattle after a fabulous little trip to Maui.  I am refreshed, tan (in a South-Side-of-Chicago-Irish-with-freckes sort of way), and…




Sigh.  It’s true.  The trip was amazing, but somewhere between surfing lessons in the rain and a 2 AM wake-up call for the Haleakala Crater Bike Ride, I picked up a fun sore throat/cough combo.  I dutifully ignored it for the rest of the trip and went on with my vacationing ways (including my 8-mile half marathon training run – smart, right?), but by the time my redeye flight touched down yesterday at 5:35 AM, I could no longer ignore this thing. 


I soldiered my way through work on Monday, but by the end of the day I was coughing up a storm and became THAT co-worker.  You know, the one to whom you want to politely suggest, “Go. Home. Already.” 


Which is why I’m here in my bed with my laptop, where I stayed all day today so I could recover.  I’m hoping to get back to some normal posting tomorrow night, but in the meantime…


A conversation from my flight home that demonstrates how I’m feeling right now:

Picture me sitting down in my exit row seat at the beginning of my redeye flight, wearing a mess of “I’m sick but have to fly on this plane”:  Cheesy Maui hooded sweatshirt that I had to buy there to have SOMETHING warm at night, jeans, stretchy LC-type headband holding back my windblown hair, ponytail, running shoes, headphones, blanket


Flight attendant:  “Okay, now you’re all aware that you’re seated in an exit row…”


                                      (Looks at me)

                                      “Honey, how old are you?”



Me:  Oh God, she thinks I’m under fifteen.  “I’m twenty-seven.”


Flight attendant:  “Wow.  You’re going to be getting that question for a long time.  Enjoy it. “


Okay, I know it’s nice to look young, but passing for fourteen is NOT my goal.  I’m sure I was slouching down like an awkward teenager, but really I was just sick. 


I guess there are worse things, right? 


Now off to take some Mucinex and head to bed!   



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