How many pairs of shoes constitute over-packing?

I like to think that on the spectrum of “maintenance,” I fall somewhere in between high and low. 

When needed, I can get ready and out the door relatively quickly (low), but I also love it when I have time to get ready at a leisurely pace and take a long time (high). 

However, I feel a little guilty admitting that on my current trip to Maui, I have 11 pairs of shoes with me (12 if I count the shoes I had on my feet at the airport, which I guess I must). 

The trip is 5 nights, 6 days (with a 6th night on a redeye flight). 

Here they are, all lined up while I was packing on Monday night:shoes Too much?  I think I can justify based on function (beach, running, night, dressy, casual, etc.).  It’s not like I have had many days in Seattle to wear sandals lately. 

OK, back to being on spring break now!  Here is the view I’m looking at as I type this:


My happy beach towel is laying over that chair, drying in the fresh air after a day at the beach.  Not the sunniest of days, but it’s still the beach.  Ahhhhh….


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