Road Trip 2007 Flashback #2

I’m continuing a few posts about my “moving road trip” to Seattle over Labor Day Weekend 2007.  The first one is here, and as always, I’m progressing a little more slowly than I thought. 

(I had been really wanting to bookmark these pictures for myself, so I decided to do this now – right as my brother’s moving to Seattle.  He actually arrived last Thursday, so of course that’s been keeping me busy!)

Leaving South Dakota / entering Wyoming

(Where the scenery got REALLY good)

img_0388One more from Badlands National Park

img_0413Mount Rushmore looks way smaller in person…

mtrushmore_close…because most pictures you see are close up like this one.

deadwoodSDDeadwood, South Dakota (you know, like Vegas, only…a cute town in South Dakota.  This picture pretty much shows it to you.  Kevin Costner made $20 off of us, thanks to each of us losing $10 at his casino.)

WYskyWyoming.  This photo is not photoshopped….and it was taken through the WINDSHIELD! 

Impossible not to be happy driving through this scenery.  It kind of makes you want to blast music and sing…which we definitely did!


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