Office “Before”

Just re-posting the images I sent to Decorno of my second bedroom / office.  I want to have them posted here so they don’t get lost. 

Nothing’s changed yet (except for ideas in my head, of course). 

1) Photoshop layout I created awhile ago of the random mix of stuff in my office today.  This is to scale, so it will come in handy as I’m playing with potential new purchases, layouts, etc.  Each piece of furniture is a layer, so I can delete and move them pretty easily:


2) A few current photos of the room, “decluttered” (for me) .  Not necessarily pretty, but this is my starting place!


And, “current” isn’t really accurate anymore.  My brother will be crashing with me for awhile as he gets settled, so he’s got all of his stuff in the room.  I know, I should have started working on this BEFORE he got here.  Things never seem to work out perfectly like that, do they?  Oh well. 

But it’s OK – I’ll be photoshopping, actual-shopping, and planning for a bit, so I can post about that in the meantime. 

Definitely a lot more to come. 


(View the Decorno post and comments)


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