Office: “And we’re off…like a herd of turtles.”

Switching gears for a second…

I haven’t posted many updates about the awesome office slash second bedroom that I want to create in my condo.  That’s because I am “off…like a herd of turtles,” in the words of Michael Scott (Season 5?  Lecture Circuit?).

However slowly, though, I am making progress.  Remember that this room used to look like this (and I was even brave enough to post this hot mess on the internet for all to see):


Now it looks more like this:


I am not saying that I like how this looks.

I repeat, I am not saying that I like how this looks.   

This room is still a combination of childhood furniture and other randomness.  I haven’t gotten to the actual painting / shopping / decorating part yet.  The only thing in this little corner that will stay is the framed painting that’s leaning on top of the cabinet (painted by my very talented sister, Meghan).  For awhile, I was chained to these cabinets and shelves because I just have too much stuff.

(Come to think of it, now that my brother has moved to Seattle, maybe he will want to take some of this random furniture off of my hands.  Hmmm….)

And in case anyone was wondering where some of this clutter has gone, I give you my bags of stuff, all lined up and ready to parade on down to Goodwill:  


(Truth be told, these bags haven’t *quite* made it to Goodwill yet.  They are now filling the trunk of my car.)


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