Decorno Rules.

I have to give a shoutout to Decorno – she picked me as a winner of her House Beautiful book giveaway

So not only do I get this book for free (yay)…


…but she posted the images I sent her of my office/guest room as a decorating dilemma on her blog, which has been a favorite of mine for a long time. 

I’m excited to have a bunch of fresh eyes take a look at this little room and help me out, because – let’s be honest – my own motivation and crazy schedule has not gotten me very far. 

(It just occurred to me that I can no longer be a slacker!  This is in writing!  Kind of like when I started telling people about the half marathon I’m planning to run in June.  Knowing that I told the world about this is what keeps me from bailing on a long run at mile two and going to sit by the lake with some Ce Fiore. )

Also, to anyone who has clicked over to my blog from Decorno’s post…hi!  I’d love to hear any ideas you have for me, either in the comments section of her post or in the comments here. 

I’ll warn you that I’m pretty random (as is probably obvious), but I’m glad to have you here.  🙂


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