Closed the shop, sold the house, bought a ticket to the West Coast

Per his facebook status (and a text from my mom), I now have OFFICIAL confirmation that my brother is on his way to Seattle. 

Thinking about him packing up the car and heading west has me reminiscing about my drive over Labor Day weekend 2007, when my job transferred me from Cincinnati to Seattle.  I picked up my mom in Chicago and off we went for a 6-day, 2000-ish mile road trip that stands in my mind as one of my all-time favorite experiences.

I felt so many things at the time, but especially excitement.  Moving brings so many mixed emotions – the unknown, the sadness of leaving people and familiarity behind – but also the overwhelming possibilites held by someplace new.  Because Seattle was about as far away as I could get within the US (and because I barely knew anyone there), the whole thing felt pretty significant to me – and a few days on the road was a great way to take it all in.

Sure enough, this move has already meant a lot in my life, and I’m sure I don’t even know the half of it yet…. 

(Also, I can’t remember another time in my life when I was able to spend so much time one-on-one with my mom.  With three siblings, it just doesn’t usually work that way!)

So – this week, while Jack is on his way, it only feels right to post a few flashbacks to 2007!  Let the reminiscing begin…


(Badlands National Park, South Dakota)

I’ve always loved this picture because it captures the feeling of being the only car on the open road (which was the case at certain points of the trip).  Even though it’s some random car in the picture, it actually does look like my car!


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