Portland, one month later

I’m working on catching myself up here….a few highlights from my weekend in Portland in late February:

Our drive down was (nearly) this clear and sunny:


(from legendsofamerica.com)

Stayed at the Westin in downtown Portland (I wanted to stay at The Nines but didn’t win that one).   Points scored for a free beer tasting in the lobby (below) which happened to be going on while we were checking in.


(from images.travelnow.com …my camera’s on the fritz so I didn’t get as many of my own photos as I’d like.)

After going to a sports bar around the corner (can’t recall the name), we cabbed it to the Rose Garden for the Trailblazers game.

Vantage point from my seat:


Apparently the Blazers are a hot ticket in Portland, so the game was sold out. and we had to scalp.

(I, of course, am always interested to see and critique the dance team…which I annoyingly do at every professional sporting event.  I can’t help it.  Too many years dancing and coaching.)

I did make it to Powell’s (per my stated plan going in to the weekend). 


It’s very easy to get a little lost there.  From the rare book room:


Look at the date on this – 1788 – and the price – $1200! 

Pearl District window shopping:


The Northwest District (specifically, a couple blocks of bars on NW 21st Avenue)  was the site of a pub crawl of sorts:  Gypsy (karaoke was going on, but we didn’t sing.  Bummer!), North 45, and a third one. 

Sunday Brunch at Mother’s – I loved this place….it may be worthy of a separate post.mothers

Biggest missed opportunity: Sales-tax-free shopping.  I need to go back to Portland for just this sort of trip.  Portland has so many fantastic boutiques, independent designers, home shops, and that sort of thing, and yet my purchases were limited to a coffee table book at Powell’s and a Christmas ornament (something I buy on every trip). 

On my list for next time:  Lots of (tax-free) shopping, Japanese Gardens, the Columbia River Gorge/Multnomah Falls, and probably some wineries and/or breweries.  Not that Portland wasn’t an amazing city for exactly what we did – walking around, eating, and drinking.  It’s so walkable and quirky.

I need to go back to this city.


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