Attack of the Jack

My brother Jack is one of my very favorite people in the world.  (Me, and everyone else who knows him!) 

And I am very fortunate that this Tuesday, Jack will be packing up his black Jeep Cherokee with all of his wordly possessions and driving it cross-country to move to Seattle! dsc00637My brother, the only way I ever imagine him – wearing his famed Mr. Bubble shirt.  And his military ish haircut.

Sometimes things happen in funny ways.  When I moved to Seattle 18 months ago, I didn’t even know that Jack moving here was a possibility.  I can’t wait to share a city with him.

(When he called me at work awhile ago and told me the news, I literally started sort of dancing around in between the cubicles.  It’s a good thing my co-workers are used to me.)  

I’m still pinching myself!  Jack, Seattle will not know how it got on before you…

Jack and Erin, 2006:dsc00643

Jack and Erin, 1985:naples85_4(Sorry, Jack, I had to…this one’s CLASSIC!)


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