Whispered in the sounds of silence

(Shoutout to Simon & Garfunkel via the title of this post)

I have been pretty quiet lately on here – not intentionally – I’ve just been really busy.

In the meantime…some random updates:

1.  Whistler President’s Weekend ski trip was unbelievable.  Several FEET of new snow have fallen since I left, though…so I’m really wishing I could go back! 

2.  On the way home from Whistler, we stopped in Vancouver for the afternoon for a late lunch and some shopping.  It’s definitely a place I need to re-visit.  I think I’ll wait until my brother arrives in Seattle and then try to plan a weekend there. 

3.  That’s right – MY BROTHER, JACK, IS MOVING TO SEATTLE!  Not only is he moving here, but he’ll be here in a matter of weeks. 

4.  Three days after returning from Whistler, I headed to Portland for the weekend with a few friends (two of whom were also on the Whistler trip…champs!).  Our weekend ended up being pretty focused on bars and restaurants (kind of like a Vegas weekend in Portland, if that’s possible).  I can definitely see why people love Portland so much – so cool, quirky, and laid-back.  It was a blast. 

These topics definitely warrant separate posts, but I felt it was time to break the silence of the last week or so!


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