Last minute dash (Whistler Edition)

The night before a trip usually becomes a screeching-halt collision.  I tend to come up with 10 things I need to do “before” packing, and then end up really just sitting on my couch with my laptop. 

Last night, I accomplished the following tasks that had nothing to do with packing for my trip:

  • Watched 2/3 of Juno (I fell asleep towards the end, as it was after 1 AM)
  • Watched the screen test special features of Juno
  • Decided it was time to do a first run at clearing out one of my storage cabinets in my office (I only got about half of it cleared out)
  • Caught up on my Reader
  • Swiffer-dusted every surface in my apartment

As a result, I only got about 5 hours of sleep and I’ve been running around packing and trying to finish work this morning.  Of course, now that I’ve finished most of that, I now have some time to sit and wait for my friends to arrive so we can finish loading the car and get on the road!  (If I could have planned it better…I definitely would have funneled this extra 30 minutes towards sleep!)

Even with the craziness and the effort it takes to get out – it is always, always worth it!  I’ll be back on Monday with pictures (and probably two very tired legs).


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