CMYK Trees print

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a scan of my Google Reader and came across a post on Design Milk featuring the Etsy Shop for Ruthie Designs:


Within about 2 seconds, I clicked over to the shop, saw that this cute little print was $8 (which is, um, $2 per tree), and ordered it.  I don’t think there was even a conscious thought process that took place.  I already liked the print, and then when I saw that it cost less than a You Pick 2 at Panera…it was a no brainer. 

I didn’t think about where I would hang it, how I would frame it, or anything else really.  I just immediately liked the color, simplicity, and the CMYK design geek factor. 

For now, I put the print in a white Target frame that I had sitting around (waiting to be used on my unfinished photo wall in my hallway), and hung it by itself on the blank gray wall opposite the photo wall. 

I think it’s a tiny bit small for this particular wall, and I’m pretty sure I hung it too low (it’s at my eye level in heels, which is not quite high enough).  But I think this could work in quite a few rooms in my condo, so I’m sure I’ll try moving it around.


This is really an awful photo…horrible lighting and taken from my iphone at about midnight.  But I’m out of camera batteries.  I’ll update with a real photo later.

….Eight dollars!  I need to make purchases like this more often.



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