The Now-Famous Crewcuts Coats

On a much less serious fashion- and decor-related inauguration note,


I must join in on the talk about the Obama girls’ coats.  I should have known when I first saw them that they are the brainchild of J.Crew / Jenna Lyons.  LOVE.  Is it bad that I kind of want one?  Can I wear a ribbon tied around a coat at the age of 27?  Do I know any 10-year-olds that I can dress up?  Hmm…

–> Side note, but it just occurred to me that a completely outdoor event in the cold is such a unique opportunity to dress up.  Usually the coats must be taken off for the event; this time, the coats were the outfits.  Fun!  That doesn’t happen often.

Anyway, while reading through blogs earlier today, I came across a post from Nick Olsen of Domino where he attempted to speed-decorate Sasha and Malia’s rooms. 

Speed Decorating the Obama Kids’ Rooms: Malia

Presidential Kiddie Rooms – Sasha’s Turn

I thought his choices for Sasha were more inspired (how could they not be with her adorable color pallette) and seemed like a great match for her personality.  I probably would have left out the bed hanging in Malia’s room, but in general – Nick is funny, the girls are adorable, and I like the complete mix of styles in these rooms.   

He also happened to include two lamps I love from CB2 – the Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp (which I like best in white),


and the Script Desk Lamp in orange. orange_desk_lamp3

I’ve been sort of wanting the Script lamp for my desk at home, but I’m trying to only buy things for my condo when they’re part of a plan.  And I have made no progress since my last post about my second bedroom/office.  So, no orange lamp yet for me.


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