I love it when long weekends actually feel long.

This weekend (which is so not over yet….love 3-day weekends!) has been a really great, balanced mix – one of family, friends, exercise, sleep, good food/drinks…and the list goes on.  

January is a bit of a weird month for me because I’m not traveling AT ALL.  Could this be a sign for a more low-key 2009? 

Probably not, because I’m in the middle of planning several trips already, but none of them happen to be in January.  I’m trying to enjoy this lull while it lasts, knowing that my wanderlust will be kicking in soon.

Weekend highlights (not in any particular order)

– Thank you, Seattle sun, for coming back out and giving us a blue sky for the first time in a few months (and temperatures nowhere near as cold as the Midwest).  I wish I took pictures. 

– My mom was in town from Chicago.   We had some much-needed quality mother/daughter time.  It was a blast, as always!

– If you ever get the chance to eat sushi with my mom, reinforce that it’s best NOT to cut the roll pieces in half to try to fit them in your mouth more easily.  (She may need some reminding.  It was her first time.)

– Even without having seen the other female performances, I can see why Kate Winslet won the Golden Globe for Revolutionary Road.  Intense.  And worth seeing.

– I feel bad for the couple who had to share an 8-person table at Serious Pie with 4 of my friends, my mom, and me on Saturday night.  The restaurant is tiny, so apparently they fill all seats.  We were pretty loud (and kept talking to them).  Hopefully they weren’t hoping for a quiet date!

– Seattle coffee loves Obama.


– This weekend brought not just one, but two familiar faces in from out of town.  One of my college friends was in town from Dallas (visiting her family here), so it was great to catch up with her tonight.

– I’ve been to four hot yoga classes since Tuesday.  My mom came on Thursday and Saturday out of her own free will.  She did great!  And I am doing better than I expected with that particular resolution. 

– Tomorrow should be a good time to research Whistler accomodations (the next trip I’m planning – a last-minute-ish trip for a group of 10 or so to ski over Presidents’ weekend – my fourth time there!).  Whistler has become one of my favorite places since I’ve moved to the Northwest, so I’m sure there will be much more to come on that particular destination.


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