The Office + my office

The Office (as in the TV Show) has been my favorite for almost as long as it’s been on air (American version – haven’t seen the BBC version, though I should check it out sometime).  Loving this show requires no explanation, at least not to those who share this love.

My office (as in my condo’s second bedroom that serves multiple functions, but none of them well – least of which is an office, mostly a closet extension for ski gear, shoes, bags, and STUFF)

…usually looks like this:



As you can tell, I need to give it some love, and get rid of / organize a LOT of stuff. 

I didn’t even bother posting a falsely better picture than these, because the room looks like this 90% of the time.  (Most of my condo looks much better….this is my bad spot.) 

Not that these two offices have anything to do with each other.  But The Office airs tonight after 4 weeks off (can’t wait!), so I’m making that my excuse to start remedying the situation shown above.  A few months from now, I’d love to make this a place I can work, read, relax, be organized, and have people stay when they’re in from out of town.  So far, my progress is limited to the purchase of one can of paint that’s still unopened and a few craigslist postings, but I’m really excited to get going, and I’ll post some updates here as I go. 

Random Office-Related Question:  In the absence of a new episode to quote, does anyone else love the fact that John Krasinski is the voiceover of the Blackberry Storm commercials?   I do (Even though I’m partial to my iphone).




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