Say Hello, Wave Goodbye


Travel was a major theme for me in 2008, having spent 142 days (!) either on the road (often for work) or hosting visitors here in Seattle.  I even squeaked out Platinum status on Delta.  


To commemorate the year, I captured some favorite travel and visitor photos in a collage.  One of these days, I’m sure I’ll write more about these trips.  But for now, this mix of sights, sounds, tastes, and memories just makes me happy!



(BTW, while I wish I actually met Obama in 2008, I settled for a cardboard cutout in a DC shop on an October business trip.  Those things were everywhere in DC.)


Though ’08 was insane, I love, and crave, traveling.  I try to always have an adventure in the works (especially the non-work kind, although some work trips were highlights… ahem, Vegas December 2008).  And in between, it’s been a blast to have family and friends come to visit.


Quick (and overwhelming) 2008 summary:

January:  Traveled to Chicago and Houston.  Days with visitors: 4

February: The only month with no travel.  Days with visitors: 6

March: Traveled to Cincinnati (twice in one month)

April: Traveled to LA, Cincinnati, and Denver

May: Traveled to Cincinnati and Dallas.  Days with visitors:  14

June: Vegas! (requires exclamation point).  Days with visitors:  4

July: Traveled Cincinnati and Chicago for my cousin’s wedding

August: Traveled to Whistler, BC and Hawaii.  Days with visitors: 11

September:  Traveled to LA and Cincinnati.  Days with visitors: 6

October:  Washington DC, Cincinnati (3 total weeks!), and Maryland. 

November:  Cincinnati travel, and my brother visited for Thanksgiving

December:  Vegas!, Whistler, Chicago.  Days with visitors:  5


After all of this craziness, I don’t have much set in stone yet for 2009 (but lots of possibilities, which is probably even more exciting).  Can’t wait to see what the year holds!




2 Responses to “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hey, Erin!

    Thanks for your nice comments. I added you to my reader, too! It’s great to have another twentysomething girl blogger out there who loves to travel as much as I do (and who is competitive enough to match guys drink for drink, often with unsavory results!). Hahaha.

    I’m heading back to Vegas! on the 15th. We’re staying at TI again. God help us…

  2. Erin Says:


    Have a great time in Vegas! I hope it’s as eventful/fun as your last trip there, and I’ll look forward to what I’m sure will be some entertaining posts/tweets. I actually have a few friends from my last trip who are going back that same weekend, but my mom will be in Seattle, so I’ll be missing out this time. Have a drink or three for me. 🙂

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