Half Marathon Countdown

June 23, 2009

I’m in absolute shock that the half marathon I’m running is only 4 days away!  The training has been quite a time commitment, but it’s flown. 

(Side note, but there’s a clear inverse relationship between miles run and blog posts written.  I’ve barely even touched this thing since I started training at the end of February. )

Rather than dwell on the runs when I thought about calling a cab to pick me up and take me home (I had at least one of those for sure), I’m going to reminisce about my favorite moments of training.  Negativity will do me no good at this stage!

1.  8-mile run in Maui:   Most of my friends who went on this little spring break trip are also training for the half marathon, so we planned our required 8-mile run into the trip.  It was HOT (high 80s) but we picked a road that ran along the beach for part of the time, so it was beautiful.  Everyone took off at a slightly different time, and I was the last to leave – so I got to see everyone on their way back.  Sharing a bit of motivation along the way made a huge difference.


Stopping to take a picture at about mile 5

2.  Training Run in San Francisco:  Over Memorial Day weekend, I ran from our hotel near Union Square, down to the Embarcadero, up to Fisherman’s Wharf and back. 


I confess…this was taken on a different SF trip in 2005!  My run wasn’t as sunny, and I didn’t take any good pictures.

3.  12-mile training run here in Seattle:  I’m particularly proud of this one because it was the epitome of work hard/play hard.  I dragged myself out of bed at about 8 AM, finished running 12 miles (the longest run of the entire training program, besides the half marathon itself) at better than my goal pace, felt good, and about 30 minutes after finishing I was on the way to go hang out in a suite at the Mariners game with friends.  I drank and ate for the rest of the day (and night…until closing time…13 hours!) and felt completely guilt-free knowing I had burned a ridiculous amount of calories that morning. 

Uploads 3-4-09 078

Hanging in there…at about midnight, more than 12 hours after finishing the run!  (Why do I always make this face in pictures when I’m out?  Someone save me from myself, please.)

4.  Fremont 5k – This race was on a Friday night, and a few of us decided to run it as practice for the half marathon.  I did better than I ever expected, finishing at just over 25 minutes, but I also learned how easy it is to burn out at the beginning of a race by starting too fast.  I could never maintain that pace any longer than a 5k. 


Jack ran the 5k, too!  We tried to look badass before the race…something I’m incapable of doing.  He accidentally took one of my socks and one of his that day, so ran the entire race with a girl’s sock on one foot.  Maybe that’s why I beat him.  🙂

On that note – I just got back from a Cincinnati work trip, so while I’m still on Eastern time, I’m going to try to go to bed early and get up really early for the rest of the week.  Hoping that will help me prepare for the ridiculously painful wake-up call on Saturday (shuttles start running to the starting line at 4:30 AM!) 

One more note – I turn 28 three months from today.  That sounds so weird to me.


Random Seattle Love

June 3, 2009

Sometimes, like tonight, the sunset looks this awesome….

(even from a moving vehicle, which my friend Brandy graciously slowed down to a honk-inducing 30 mph on I-5, just so we could TRY to get a decent picture through the windshield).

Uploads 3-4-09 004

Imagine a non-blurry photo from solid ground, and then imagine the color pumped up times five.  That’s the live version of this gorgeous sunset over the Olympic Mountains.  Love it!

San Francisco / Kauai – Photo tease

June 2, 2009

So I really want to get back to posting, but it’s been difficult with my work (OK, and non-work) schedule – both before and after this most recent trip.  Soon, I want to go back and do some full posts to share photos, info, and links, and answer important questions like:  Why Kauai 6 weeks after Maui?  Do I ever work?  Am I broke?  (Answers:  Once-in-a-lifetime family trip, Yes – too much, and Probably.)

In the meantime, a few pictures!  Way more to come. 

The Mint (in the Castro, San Francisco – Must.  Go.  Here.  Had a blast!):


Indulging my obsession with trying to take cool pictures from the plane (this one was, in fact, pretty cool – sunset over the Pacific on the flight to Kauai):

Uploads 3-4-09 076

Short, sunny hike on the way up to the Waimea Canyon in Kauai (picture is of my sister, Emily):

Uploads 3-4-09 103_color 

Spinner Dolphins (!):

Uploads 3-4-09 230

I could continue posting “favorite pictures” for hours.  There are many. 

Instead, I’m going to head to bed for my 7:30 AM MEETING START TIME – I know!  Inhumane.

Testing WordPress for iphone (from Kauai)

May 29, 2009

Sorry for the total throw-away post, but I’m testing out the wordpress iphone app (while lying in a chair by the pool in Kauai, of course). I’m trying to figure out how easy it is to format and add pictures, because I’d like to try using this more often.

(Clearly I haven’t posted in about 2 weeks. This past week, I’ve been on the best trip ever – San Francisco with great friends for Memorial Day weekend, and Kauai since Monday with my mom and sisters. The week before, I think I worked TWO weeks’ worth of hours just trying to prepare for a week off. Hence, no posting.)

SOMEWHERE in this post, there should be a picture of the bay near our hotel (the Kauai Marriott). The preview page for this app doesn’t actually show me where the picture will go.

But that’s what testing is for…here goes nothing. 🙂

Filling in the Blanks

May 10, 2009

In so many ways, things have been crazy since I last posted.

Rather than go into detail, here’s a random roundup of the activities of the last couple of weeks:

  • Lots of work, as always
  • Took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and helped my brother look at condos.  There are some GREAT options.  I think it’s safe to say he’s going to end up with a nicer condo than mine – and a better view.
  • Went to a Mariners game
  • Played a hilarious game of Pictionary at The Bookstore bar at the Alexis hotel after the Mariners game (they have games on the shelves that you can take down)
  • Some amazing weather in Seattle (before I went out of town)
  • Ran 5 times, including 9.5 miles last Saturday (so I’m keeping up pretty well with half marathon training)
  • Learned how tough it is to run 9.5 miles
  • Saw my cousin’s friend play an accoustic show in Ballard on a Wednesday night.  Followed by late night food at 5 Points Cafe.  Followed by a very sleepy morning at work the next day.
  • Traveled to Cincinnati (my home for 4 years prior to Seattle) for a weeklong business trip.  The trip included some great work meetings, dinners and Cinco de Mayo celebrating…among other things.
  • Donated at least 6 more bags to Goodwill.  No matter how much I donate, I still feel like I’m not making much a dent in the amount of stuff filling my condo.
  • Received my script lamp in the mail.  Thought I was missing a part.  Called CB2 customer service.  Instead of sending the part, they sent another complete lamp.  No materials with which to return ship.  Hmmm…
  • Decided on the Ikea Karlstad sleeper sofa for my sleeping/seating option in my second bedroom/office.  Here’s the non-sleeper version shown on Door Sixteen (I LOVE how this looks in her living room).
  • Bought the Karlstad during Ikea Seattle’s tax free day (9.5% off!  But still the biggest purchase I’ve made in a long time).  I went with the lineryd natural fabric.

I’m not sure which task will be more daunting:  Putting together the Karlstad, or completing the 10-mile run that I have on my training schedule this week.  (I honestly think I’d choose the run!)

Here’s to a new week…and 5 days until another weekend!  🙂

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

May 10, 2009

I can’t wait to see you just two weeks from tomorrow!Mother's_Day

Orange inspiration

April 26, 2009

I have color on the brain today, and I’m still anxiously awaiting my orange CB2 script lamp.  I was playing around with my travel photos and made a collage of the accent color I’m obsessing over for my second bedroom:  A perfect bright blood-orange.  




There’s my future script lamp right in the middle, surrounded by some of my photos from all over.

(clockwise from top left):  Me in Portland.  A Canadian post box outside of Vancouver.  The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Driving across the Golden Gate in San Francisco.  Flowers in Maui.  Sunset at Lumahai Beach on Kauai.  Parsons in NYC.  Whistler in the Summer. 


House Beautiful Book

April 26, 2009

When I returned from Maui, some great mail was waiting for me.  My House Beautiful book from Decorno’s giveaway had arrived, along with an Easter care package that my mom sent to my brother and me (thanks, Mom…isn’t it fun that you can reach two of us at one address?!). 

Side note, but may I just say that good mail days will NEVER get old?  I still feel sad when I open my box only to find another Valu-Pak envelope full of Bath Fitter, Build-A-Sunroom and carpet cleaning coupons that go straight to the recycling bin.

Anyway, about the book – very cool.  It’s smaller in size than I expected, but that’s actually a good thing – it’ll be easy to take along shopping, and despite its size it still has really great photos on each page. 


My favorite thing about the book is the designer perspective next to every color swatch.   Everyone has a different approach to color – some more scientific, some more emotional.   I love color – both wearing it and decorating with it – so for me it’s just interesting to read the way these designers think about it in their own words.

Thanks again to Decorno for the freebie!


April 21, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned once before that I’m training for my first half marathon.  (I say “first” as if I’m certain there will be a second!  We’ll see about that.)


How it all started:

Two guys in my office are serious marathoners (as in, one ran the Boston Marathon yesterday in 2 hours 55 minutes – which isn’t even his best time of 2 hours 38 MINUTES – and the other did a 50-mile “training run” this past weekend).  They decided to start up a comprehensive half marathon training program for our team for the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marthon (including shoe fitting/discounts, nutrition seminars, and our running plan).  Out of 40 people in our office, there are over twenty signed up to run.  I think a participation rate of over 50% is pretty unbelievable! 

Of course I signed up – you know I hate missing out on anything.  I have two goals with this race: 

  1. Finish the half marathon, running (as in not walking)
  2. Learn to like running as a result of all of this training




How it’s going: 


So here’s the thing:  I’ve never hated running…but I’ve never really liked it, either.  It’s always felt like a chore to me – something to do to stay in (or get into) shape, or to train for dance or sports that I played.  I’ve rarely run just for the sake of running. 


Hence, goal number two:  I’d love to at least like it when this race is over.  To put on my two shoes and turn on my ipod and just…go.  To not be tied down to gyms all the time.  To run in the rain.  To run in the sun.  To run when I travel as a way to see new and unfamiliar places.  (Running 8 miles in Maui last weekend allowed me to see the island in a different way.  And if I’m able to swing a trip to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend as I’m hoping, I’ll need to run 11 miles there – and I’m sure there are some great routes.) 


Now, after two months of training, I think I can finally say that I’m on my way to goal number two.  It’s not that I love every second of every run (I don’t).  But I had to take the past week off from running due to being annoyingly sick (it’s been that bad), and I’m finding that I actually miss it!  I think that’s a good sign.  (You can see all of the missing scratch-offs on my training plan above.) 


I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track and running after work tonight.  (And now I need to come back and reread this post when I’m feeling lazy…)


Script Lamp!

April 17, 2009

OK, so today I put the cart a bit before the horse and ordered the Script Desk Lamp in orange from CB2.


I’ve loved this lamp for awhile.  I’m obsessed with orange as an accent, especially a nice deep blood-orange, and this has such a clean, modern design. 

And it’s on sale (which I found out from the mention on This Young House today – thanks guys!), so I decided to just go ahead and order it. 

It fits with the bright accents I want to use in my second bedroom/office, so even though I’m not that far along yet with the room, I’m pretty sure I’m going to really like it in there!  (And if I don’t, I’ve got some orange accents in my living room too, so I’ll have options.)

I’ve also mentioned this lamp before in my post about the Obama girls, their coats and Nick Olsen’s ideas for their bedrooms. 

(Speaking of which, I have not seen/read/heard any updates on the White House decorating/Michael S. Smith front, but I’m definitely interested if the info is out there!  I’ll keep my eyes peeled.  I guess Bo is getting all of the attention for now in the Obama Family White House non-government news.)